Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am so sorry blog members. We will not be posting anything else this week. We have a major, major problem on our hands here that must be addressed. Seems although Salt Lake City building department and Salt Lake City business inspection department believe our building is up to code and more than exceptable to do business in. One Salt Lake City fire department has decided to take it upon them selves to condenm our building right out from underneath us and the other 16 artists in the building. We have 30 days to vacate, however since our lease was up the end of this month, we have been told we have less than 10 days to move and relocate. So our entire winters inventory as well as next springs must be moved, PRONTO! We Thank G-d above we were able to find a lease in South Salt Lake very very quickly so that we can be back up and operational in a few short weeks....I think we actually must have had an angel watching over us as this all falls during my husbands vacation. It certainly is NOT the way we wished to spend my husbands precious vacation time. However we are greatful we did not go on the three week road trip we were going to go on. As we would have come back to being locked out of the building with all of our inventory and tools gone with NO legal recourse. Please know I must have this time to get business back up and running and we will be back next week with our full posting schedule. Also as a plus for those of you who live locally, our new space has a clean and lovely little office that is going to be set up as a sewing studio and we will soon be able to offer sewing classes and some sewing bees for those who are interested, living locally. Please pray all goes well and no one is injured or suffer too much in the moving process. We love and miss you and will see you next week.

Kim and crew

Monday, September 21, 2009


We have a winner for our current give away. We ran all the names through the random list generator at and then hubby choose a number between 1 and 26 (number of members we had as of midnight west coast time on Sunday, minus our own account). William choose number13 (there he goes again with the wicked humor...To know him is to love him, really) and we let the list randomizer do it's thing. The number thirteen  showed PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood . So If you could please contact us at the e-mail link attached to this blog with your physical address we will get your gift box out in the mail to you.  Congratulations! I hope all of you will be able to enjoy give aways here on the blog. We would like to remind you that  we  are still doing the 100 new member give aways. We will be sending out the first round of those gifts the end of this week. If you have not sent us a physical address for your free new member gift please do so quickly so your free gift will be in the first round out in the mail. We may be contacted at or   We will not be having a new give away this week, but we will have a big one planned starting next Monday. So join us then for the fun.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well its time for another round of Vintage Thingies Thursday sponsored by
 So I am going to post some things we found again in our jaunts through the trash and curb side pick-ups In Salt Lake City.

This scale was found in a Mexican markets dumpster. It would have never been found as we usually don't do alot of actually dumpster diving. However this dumpster that night was loaded with wood from some displays that had been removed from the store. It was nice boards of pine that Hubby likes to build with. As he dug, he unearthed this little beauty. He of course would not let me see it and just kept oh ing and ah ing. And then tried to tell me he was going to leave it cause it was just too dirty. AS IF !!!! I did not care with this how much dirt I had to clean off of it....I only hope it had been in storage for years, cause if not, it was in the store in that state....I just cannot imagine that! The basket that is suppose to sit on the white rim is missing but it is still in working order and I just love it. It now has a home in my kitchen, where it is happily loved.
 Next find was from the annual trash pick up in SLC. It was found in one of the more exclusive neighborhoods. The pictures really don't do it justice. It too is part of my home and is most of the time full of flowers. It is lead cystal. It did not have one scratch or ding on it...Who would throw out such a lovely piece? At least donate it to a charity shop right?
Next is a rolling pin we found in the trash. It is marble and quite heavy and has been in our home quite a while now. It was actually one of our first trash pile finds. It is wonderful to use to make pie crust with. You just have to be careful not to roll too hard or the pie crust gets way to thin. My hubby calls it the bad hubby basher....Again with the wicked sense of humor. Like I would ever!  So that is some of my vintage kitchen items for this week.  
 Don't forget to join as a member on my blog since we are having a give away of a basket with vintage rooster embriodery pattern, embriodery floss, towels and a tin of dried green apple chips(homemade and yummy)..To be eligible must be a member of this blog by Saturday at midnight west coast time.... 


Due to the fact that my husband is off work this week we did not have a tutorial this week...Please know will will have a tutorial next Tuesday. It will be a sewing tutorial with a least two free patterns.....We will still do Vintage Thingy Thursday and Some other fun things this week , so please stay tuned.

Thank you , Kim and crew

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


First let us say a warm and hearty welcome to all the new members of this blog, we have grown by 14 members in one week... Howdy and don't be shy! We love participation and comments..Lots and lots of comments.YAH!!! The more members we have, the more fun we will have.

Well it seems that the favorite vintage embroidery pattern  from last weeks September 9th post featuring Vintage Thingie Thursday was the rooster pattern. So this weeks give away will be the vintage rooster pattern, towels to embroider on(one for each day of the week) and a starting sampler of embroidery floss to get you started on your embroidery project. This package will also include a package of dehydrator dried hand made apple slices from last weeks post on gleaning. These apple chips are from the gleaned green apples we were able to harvest and are YUUMMY beyond anything you can buy in the store. So if you are a member of this blog by Saturday at midnight west coast time your in for the drawing, which will have one lucky winner.We will put all blog members names in list and let her roll to get a winner. So be kind and let others know and if you follow this blog but are not a member, don't be shy we don't bite. Come and sign up to be a member today. And if we keep growing like we have this week, most likely we will have a give away every week.  

Also all members of this blog , up to the first one hundred members can receive a free gift if they want it. The only thing we need is a physical address for you if you live in the 48 contiguous states. We have only had a few members e-mail us their addresses so those of you who have not, if you want your free new member gift please send us an e-mail with those names and addresses( or
...And please remember only one gift per household, unless you blog about us and can confirm that you helped others to sign up for this blog, then I will send additional gifts, for each member you have referred(up to three gifts).  Thank you members. We will try our best to keep up and keep giving you fun things to look at from our lives and challenge you with ideas and projects.

Welcome All Again, we are glad you came to join us!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Here is sampling of just some of the items we found in the SLC,Utah large curbside trash pickup this weekend. The area this week is south of Sugarhouse between 1300 East and about 1900 East 800 South to 1300 South. This sewing machine case will be repaired , painted, glazed and turned into a fine desk.

This door will become part of a hall tree, door sofa, kitchen island or some such goodie. The hardware will be used in some project. They just don't make them like this any more. Just look at all the details on that door knob and plate. And the other side has the same.
This side table book shelf will be taken apart, put back together and repaired. A top will be added, then it will be painted and glazed. I always just love these. Cute, petite, but very useful. These are great to move about when changing decor because they can fit almost anywhere.
This ugly little box will be transformed with mod podge and Christmas images to make a gift box or trunk. Would you just love to get a gift presented in something like that. A two for one. Love those.
And here is what we worked on this week and delivered to the Home Again stores located in Midvale, Utah and SLC, Utah (Sugarhouse area).
This solid oak table was sitting in pieces along side the road in Salt Lake city trash pick up this week.The top was too far gone to cost effectively restore it properly. So we fixed what we could and then did a Swedish painting and glazing techinque on the top in a blue tone and left the bottom its original color with a new coat of stain and a finish coat to protect. This one, I was tempted to keep, but I just recently upgrade my dining room table to a much old and more valuable antique. No leaves in this one. Never had them. Could you see this in a kitchen or breakfast room?

This washstand was found in the trash last week too. It had had its little legs chewed at by someones little doggy. So we said , "Oh, please hop up on our old beat up truck and come home with us and we will fix you right up." We reshaped the legs to get rid of the doggies naughty deed, painted and glazed her. Mrs. Washstand says she is feeling right chipper again. She said thanks. We said no problem. And now she too, is looking for a good new home.
This side table is frankly just a bit confused. I am afraid my hubby has been playing at being Dr. Frankenstein again, taking pieces and parts from old furniture and combining them together. I am not sure the furniture minds much since they are getting new life. I however keep telling him he must only stick to furniture. Otherwise people might get wrong ideas. This little monster is also up for a good adoption.
This freestanding cabinet(from construction at least 100 yrs old) mostly likely used as a clothes cupboard , was found along side the road too. It also hopped on the truck and hubby repaired the trim work, painted and glazed inside and out. Now she is ready for a new home too. I think this one would be great in a sewing or craft room just loaded with fabric or supplies. The thought of that just makes my heart sing.
These two were in pieces, crying on the side of the road. Well how could we, pray tell, leave two weeping babies? So they also got a ride on the truck and a beauty treatment when they got home. Now they are out painting the town together, looking for new homes.
This motley assortment is now hanging out at Home Again in SLC, Utah after being halled in, off the side of the road, where they were hanging out in a gang who had taken over the streets of SLC. Once rounded up, given the riot act, booked, jailed and placed to corrections, they are now ready to become good working citizens in the community once again. They just need to find willing sponsors to put them to work. 
Here is a closer look at one of the motely crew. He is decked out in vintage 1968 retro cool tiles. With a fresh new look in a new paint job.
And last but certainly not least here is the hardworker out of the bunch from that motely crew, sporting new paint and silver leg tips. He has come a LONG way from the brown and gold gang colors he was sporting originally. What do you think? Do hubby , Leira and I make a good corrections officer and adoption agency crew or what?
Happy junking ALL!
What did you find this week? Leave us a comment and let us know.
Leave us your blog post address and let us check out what you , junk, repair or make.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Over at the blog luvinthemommyhood she has a questionaire going. I thought since we were getting to "know" one another on this new blog that I would "give it whirl" KWIM. So from her questionaire here's a little, about little old me.....For your FYI this one is about Kim, since this is a family blog. Just so you know. William will have one up on Tuesday about himself . And we will have to see if Big Miss wants to  participate or not?....Big Miss (Leira) can be a little shy at times. Maybe we can coax her out of the coat closet(shhhhh! no ones suppose to know she still likes to read in there....Keep it quiet okay?)

Making : Several new tutorials for my blog, more aprons and upholstering a bench seat
Cooking :Seasonal: lots corn, zucchini in EVERYTHING LOL! and green beans, green apples coming out my eyeballs.

Drinking : Water as always.

Reading:  Kitchen Junk(book), The Bluebird and the Sparrow

Wanting: More Time and my sewing room put back together again.

Looking: At my junked up sewing room. We are in the middle of make-over here.What a mess!

Playing: Going to Utah State Fair this week.

Wasting: Too much time trying to figure out new cameras(look I'm old school, give me nothing automatic and real film. I know. I know. Get out of the dark ages all ready , right!)

Sewing: new aprons for the shop, new member blog give away pouches and a suit for church for me for a change.

Wishing: I was young and could still go 4 days straight with no sleep.

Enjoying: The weather being a little bit cooler.

Waiting: fall

Liking: The new cabinet we found for FREE for the sewing room make-over, (after I had spent over two years looking and finding nothing and giving up and buying two Ikea Hemnes yellow glass front cabinets for $500.00 plus tax, only to have my husband open one of the boxes and then promptly have the studio/art space neighbor, a very talented, but somewhat cranky woodworking artist offer up an old oak table for money and this lovely OLD glass door legal office bookcase for free....Hubby promptly said yes and we immediately returned the boxes back to IKEA. Needless to say my hubby was none too pleased with the back and forth from Ikea when, as he put it, "See, see, see, maybe if you had just a little more patience you could have saved me a couple of trips" Patience?, after two years he has to be JOKING , right? Let's just say to KNOW HIM is to LOVE him!!! LOL!!

Wondering:When I am going to make time to get stuff posted on Etsy this week.

Loving: That my husband is off work from his desk job for three weeks.

Hoping:That he does not wear me out too badly with all the things he wants to get done in the next few weeks.

Marvelling: That with all the time I have spent on the computer and learning to work our camera, that DH has not lost his cool yet.

Needing: To do more canning, get some more paperwork done (when you run a business and do your own bookkeeping it is never ending)

Smelling: new shipment of lavender I just recieved

Wearing: shirt and skirt

Following: blogs only, not watched TV in this house in almost a year.

Noticing:That the leaves seem to be changing color faster this year by at least two weeks.

Knowing: That my husband and daughter love me very much.

Thinking: I wonder if, with this level of togetherness over the next three weeks, who will want to "kill" who first? Maybe "kill" is too harsh, but you get my drift....We don't actually fight but we are both very stubborn at times and very open about how we feel...Things can get terse every once in a while.

Bookmarking:More creative websites

Opening: Boxes of fabric I have had stored for literally years.

Giggling:Over the fact that my DH had a hard time sleeping last night because he is over excited about having three weeks IN A ROW off......He is an adult, REALLY, I SWEAR! LOL!

Feeling: like I am really just starting to make up for lost time from when I was sick. 

Well that is two posts in one day. Are you feeling the love? Come share if you have a blog and let me know in comments if you copy and fill out your own question and answer session. I would love to get to know my Blog members a little better. Give me your blog addresses if you post one of these so I can get to know you better.      Kim


Here are a few of this weeks entertainment choices for Salt Lake city and surrounding area for the week of  September 12th through 19th:

The Big one this week is of course :

Utah State Fair: Runs from Sept 10-20th  at Utah State Fair park just west of downtown SLC. With a PRCA rodeo running 10th-13th included in the general admissions ticket price, and other great attractions this one is a do not miss. Featuring exihibitions ( including Green Utah, with our studio space neighbors involved from WonderWorks and Restore), 4-H displays and competitions, nightly concerts (not included in the gen admin. price) fair midway carnival, contests galore, and even new food vendors which include giant turkey legs, grilled veggies, and Hawaiian shaved ice as well as standard fair food (think funnel cakes, cotton candy and of course here in Utah, Navajo tacos). For more here

Downtown Alliance Farmers market: runs through end of October weekly Saturdays from to 1pm at Pioneer Park 400th south & 300 West downtown Salt Lake City.
get all your fresh fruit and veg here,shop the unique gifts and wares at the artists market on the south side of the park. This weeks evtertainment at this venue includes The Chef Showdown from 10:30 to 1:00pm. This is the kickoff event for Dine-o-round. This market is also running this year on Tuesday evenings through the season. and

Dine-o-round: Runs September 11-27th. Deeply discounted special meals and deals at participating resturaunts in downtown Salt Lake City. Get out and try something new for a change instead of your same ole resturaunt haunts.This is after all the best dining out deal around.

The Greek Festival: runs September 10-13th. On the grounds and surroundings lots of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in SLC located at 279 South and 300 West in downtown(actual right across the street from the Pioneer Park) Eat Greek foods such as Souvlakia, Dolmathes, Baklava, Spanakopites, Roasted lamb and so much more. Etertainment includes singing and dancing of course. OPA! Festival also includes optional free tours of the beautiful Greek Cathedral. Please be respectful, headcovers for ladies required during tour. This event helps sponsor many charity activities throughout the SLC valley during the year. So all for a good cause.

And last but certainly not least:

 OH SWEET SADIE is a wonderful 1 1/2 year old local traveling craft show happening September 18th and 19th this time around at  Daybreaks new SoDa Row in West Jordan, Utah. Here is the invite. We have never went to this show and we will be going to find out what all the Buzz is about.

Well that is the local buzz of just some of the activites locally that you can enjoy.
  Happy Saturday All!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Apples/ Thoughts for September 11th

Did you know that if you hunt around you may be able to find FREE FOOD. Yes that's right! If your willing to put in a little elbow grease, some time, and are not afraid to ask people, you too may be able to find FREE FOOD. Its a little thing that's been around since biblical times called gleaning and its making a come back in some parts of the country. We are a country of so much, that we many times  let food literally rot on the tree or in the field. How sad is that?  If I gave you some ideas would you glean? Well I am going to whether you said yes or no. Here goes: First there is a website that has started in California. At first it was just a local concept with a couple of young ladies in San Fransisco. They decided that they were tired of paying high prices for ALL their groceries when they drove , or cycled by trees all the time where the food was literal rotting and going to waste.Here is that site: . You can go and look up trees in your area that are on private land that owners list that you can glean from or on public land that you can glean legally from.(Did you know that in most areas of the country park strips are considered public property and the trees planted there are legal to glean from? I did not either until recently. Of course check the laws in your area first before you do any public land gleaning, but in most places it is perfectly legal) Most listings on this site are currently in California, but the site is expanding and growing monthly and many new states are starting to get listings posted. That is exciting and not just for the gleaners. Did you know that if you have trees or a garden that you have excess produce from, you can list them on this site? Well you can. You could be the first in your state to post and start spreading the joy of sharing and the frugalness of not wasting. A principle that our country was PROUDLY founded on! We gleaned from a public tree on a park strip this week here in Salt Lake City. Want to see what we got:
Yes we gleaned a whole bushel of apples off of one tree and could not even get them all. This is just a small portion of them. They are some of the nicest tasting green apples we have ever eaten. Not too tart, not too sweet, just right......I will show you later what we did with some of the apples. So I challenge you to check out the website and either go find something to glean or spead the love and find a tree or garden to list that people can glean from...Gleaning is a worthy and righteous concept dating back to biblical times. And on this day in our American History could we all do more to help our neighbors and truly use ALL the blessing G_d has put to our use. If we utilized all the waste in our great country I truly believe none would go without that are willing to put forth an effort. It would free up resources to help those few among us that cannot help themselves. Think what you can do today to help a neighor or even a stranger and reach out......America is only as strong as its weakest members.
We love, love, love commments so leave us with your ideas of what you can do to honor September 11th and help strengthen America and Americans. G-d Bless and Be "GOOD NEIGHBORS".

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am sorry we are late with this post this week. Things will get better I promise.


 Just a precaution before we continue. All woodworking projects are potentially dangerous. DO NOT attempt if you not familiar with using tools or are not willing to accept risks...ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE EYE WEAR and know and learn how to use your tools properly according to manufacturers instructions.

We share projects under a commons license ideal and all activities are at the risk of participant.

Now that that is out of the way:
Here we go:
I am just going to give you a starting taste of some of the things we have been making for the last 7 years. We will start with this cute little number my husband made from found objects. The list of supplies is:
1. old  solid wood door (do not attempt this project with a hollow core door) with criss cross lattice style window (we removed the glass and it will later be recycled into pieces for jewlery)
2. old kitchen cabinet, upper cabinet
3.4 matching bun legs salvedged from old sofa
4. old wooden vent a hood (goes above stove)
5.two- 1/2" to 1/4" thick scraps of wood, wide enough to fit under kitchen cabinet and long enough for the length on one an the other wide enough and long enough to hang over 1 1/4" to 2" on three sides of upper cabinet
6. scavenged knobs
7. paint (for this project we use old miscolored paints as base coat and Wal-mart custom mix outdoor semi-gloss paint, black ...mix code is one gallon starter and 64 y measure black only tint)
8. screws
9. brads
10. wood putty
11.electric screwdriver
12. jigsaw
13. circular saw
14. hammer
15. paint brushes ( we use the multi 6 pack found at Family Dollar stores, best price for the quality anywhere)
16. optional: poly acrylic finish, matte or gloss depending on the look you want.
17. handle face plate
18. set of matching hooks, single or double.
19. optional: chicken wire

First gather all your supplies, making sure the cabinet you have secured for use on the bottom of this hall tree is the width of the door or smaller (nothing wider). Same goes for the hood (if you can find one it is not required to make a Hall tree if you don't like the look or cannot find one.)
Here are all of our supplies:
Next you will bust out all the glass(if you choose you can leave the glass, but be warned it is more dangerous if you have children. Also makes the piece more difficult to work on and moving a more cautious task.) We choose to take the glass out, as the market we sell in, things with mustard colors DO NOT SELL WELL. Save the glass if you make jewlery, otherwise recycle it or put it up on Freecycle so others may put it to good use. Remove the hardware from door(handle , both sides)
Then we cut a board the width and length of the bottom cabinet. Attatch the bun legs to board with buns sticking out slightly from the corner edges of front and side of board
Back buns need to be tucked in and set so that when the board is up against the door the board butts up with no gaps next to the door. Use several long grabber screws for each bun leg attachment. Screw through the top of the board to do this.
Next you will open doors of cabinet and screw from the inside, attaching the cabinet to the board which now has legs. Screw in each corner and a couple of places in the middle. Counter sink the screws(in other words sink them deep enough that the cap of the screw head is below the wood. This is done so the cabinet will have no rough screw tops to catch on items stored inside. The counter sunk screw holes will be covered with wood putty and smoothed when dried (sanded) to make a smooth shelf at bottom of cabinet. Then you will attach the cabinet to the door by again screwing through the cabinet back attaching the cabinet to the door....Make sure door is in standing position as well as cabinet. Align the cabinet centered on the door center (in other words mark both the door vertical center and the cabinet vertical center and line them up so that when you attach them, your piece will be balanced on each side.Counter sink screws slightly and treat as the bottom screws.Make sure when working on this portion that you work on a level floor and that the door is level to the floor. Once cabinet is attached, mark and cut board to place on top of cabinet (make sure this is a nice piece of wood as it will be seen, also once cut, it is nicer if the three sides that will face outward have a routered edge for a more finished look and feel.) Board measurements should be size of upper part of cabinet plus over hang on two sides and front. overhang can be 1 1/4" to 2" but should not be wider finished than the door across measurment. Router if desired and attach to top by screwing from under side of cabinet top. Make sure screws are not too long to go through the top and mare the cabinet top.
Next attach the vent a hood to top of door by screwing from back of door through to hood. Again make sure your screws are not too long to mare the hood. Make sure screws are slightly counter sunk on back of door as most likely this piece will always sit up again a wall and you would not want walls mared. We added extra wood to the back of the door to make it taller on this piece since the vent a hood was large, to counter it and make it more attractive. You do not have to attach a vent a hood. Any moulding trims could be attractively stacked and attached to finish the top. If you have a door with missing window but it is not criss cross pattern like this one you can also attach chicken wire to the back and staple for a country look (make sure all staples are hammered in securely and all edges of chicken wire are hammered in as well to prevent walls from becoming scratched....This should of course be a last step after painting and finishing the entire piece (inside and out, front and back and make sure you get all the way around those bun legs. You never know when some little rug rat may be crawling along and checking out your work.) Putty all holes except the hole where the door handle was. Wait to dry then sand smooth. Use junk paint as first coat of paint. Let dry. Second and third coats black paint. Dry in between coats throughly.  Apply one to two coats of poly acrylic finish coat if desired. Comes in  glossy or matte. We use matte finish.
Attach cover plate over door knob hole in front only. Add knobs (hardware) and Double hooks to top as shown in picture. (DISCLAIMER: as with ANY LARGE HEAVY PIECE OF FURNITURE, please if you have small children living in  or visiting your home, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ANCHOR LARGE PIECES OF FURNITURE TO WALLS APPROPRIATELY to avoid crushing accidents PLEASE) This item is made very bottom heavy and would be very difficult to tip, but you should never take chances, especially if you have children who like to climb, as it only takes once and a life time of regret.)  And lastly a picture of our new creation once delivered to Home Again Midvale, Utah location. This item is sold. Sold in three days..We sell lots of Hall Trees. Each one is different and unique. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions please e-mail or  feel free to leave a comment.  If you use our tutorial and create your own Hall tree from it send us pictures and we will gladly post them on our blog. Happy Trash Hunting, Salvedging, and wood working all!!
The pumpkin picture window in this picture is also our creation and in two weeks our tutorial will be on how to reverse paint on vintage and antique windows. See you then......Also don't forget to sign up as a new member on this blog and e-mail me your physical address and I will send the first 100 new members a free gift. Also look for our free give-aways to members posted on Mondays.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Hi ladies. Welcome to our blog. We are just really getting started and this is our first Vintage Thingie Thursday post. Just an FYI , Vintage Thingie Thursday is sponsored by Colorado lady at  We will also be doing Thrifty Thursday over at .....Since our family business IS finding and selling Vintage Thingies and taking old pieces and parts of old furniture and making it into new items, we think Vintage Thingies and Thrifty Thursday are perfect fits for our blog....So let the Vintage fun begin. This weeks finds come directly from the things we have found in the Salt Lake City, Utah annual curbside trash pick-up program.(yes we are part time curbside gleaners and crawlers) This week the pick-up area is downtown lower east side......Leave us a comment on which set of vintage transfer pattern sets you would most like to see as a blog give away here and on Monday we will post the most popular set to be given away.....Remember you must be signed up as a member of this blog to be eligible for the give away. And right now if you sign up to be a member of this blog and send us an e-mail with your physical address, we will send you a free new member gift (up to the first 100 hundred members).So here are our some of our smaller finds for the week.
These patterns will be put to good use personally
And this little cutey is going up on Etsy. The scraps of material will be used for childrens clothing and the Christmas fabric will be used as accents for an apron swap that is going on at Farm Girl Connection sponsored by Mary Jane Butters website.
Please remember to put your cute little photo in the members section to the right of the post if you want to get in on the give away starting Monday or just to get your free new member gift. And let me know in comments which transfer pattern you would love to see given away! Loves Kim and crew

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Announcing the New Posting Schedule

Here is a posting of our new blogs , new direction. We hope very much that you will enjoy this blog and at any time please feel free to leave your comments or e-mail us with suggestions of things you would like to see or would enjoy having here on this blog.We want you to be "part of the family" here at Greenhoneyhive.

So the New Posting Schedule is...Drum roll please!:

Mondays will be All Giveaway announcements, along with the current till we reach 100 new members give away, we will also be having at least monthly and if we grow to 100 or more at least once every 2 weeks...We shall see how we grow....Give aways could include, sewing supplies, craft kits, hand made goods we create or even vintage goodies we find. And let me tell you sometimes we find some really good goodies. So spread the word cause the more people we have here the more giveaways we will be doing.

Tuesdays is going to be Tutorial Tuesday with instructions on some type of sewing or another, a craft project or even some wood working......We do lots of different things ,so hope to keep you hopping, with lots of great ideas.

Wednesday is Wacky Day and is our choice. You won't know what you may get. Could be pictures of what we have created this week. Links to other great ideas, recipes we love, secret fast track give aways, Ideas for saving money and frugal living.......We want to keep you quessing and on your toes and maybe even thinking outside the box.

Thursday will be Vintage Thingy Thursday as sponsored  by Colorado Lady.....We will post either our personal vintage thingys or Vintage Thingys that we have found this week that will be available to purchase on Etsy or Locally at either Home Again  in Midvale, Utah  or Home Again in Salt Lake City, Utah or at EmilyJaynes in Salt Lake City, Utah........We will also link to Colorado Ladys website so you can see all the Vintage Thingy Love.

Friday is personal reflections day. You will get to see a glimpse of our more personal side with things we make for our selves like personal sewing projects (we may even get some sew alongs going if some of you are interested or even some lovely swaps), projects around our house, photos of things we love and places we go....We are not the most exciting people you will ever know but I can bet we may just be some of the most unusual in a good sort of way of course...Just think Semi farm girl style flavor and interests.

Saturday will have a local flair with things that you can do locally in that following week. Think gallery strolls, art museums, music venue concerts and other fun stuff for adults and kids alike... 

Sunday is the Lords Day for us and a day of rest so we will post a favorite inspirational thought or scripture and bless you to have a wonderful Day of rest.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here is the Free New Member Giveaway Item

Well here it is Ladies. If you follow the instructions on the new member post and e-mail me with your physical address I will mail to the first one hundred members of this blog a hand made one of a kind zipper pouch or more if you get other to sign up.Follow the instrcutions on the new member post several down from this one.....When you e-mail me give me the style you like and colors that you prefer and I will try to accomodate(no guarantess but I will do my best)...So here they are..Let me know which style you like best...I look forward to hearing from you!