Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just started on Etsy: lets see what we can do!!!

Never have we done this blog thing before so this is all new to me!

We will be using this blog as a family blog and for our new Etsy adventure, so family, friends and customers(some of whom are like family anyway) can get to know us and what we are all up to......

We just started our own family Etsy shop and I guess we are going to see what we can do with it?! Everyone says to do Etsy well you have to shamelessly self promote. That is one thing I am not so hot at, so I don't know how well this is going to go. But we figured we would crawl (kicking and clawing, oh you did not see that right?) out of our our little world of non blogging and non computer using(except for e-mails) and get with the 21st century. About time eh! ................................................The last few weeks all I have been doing is writing letters , shooting of e-mails and calling every blessed Senator and Congressman ,as well as media and local leaders to see who has what contacts and connections for fighting this insane CPSIA new rules and regulations. The expansion of power with this new law and the poor wording and hand tied reaction of the commission borders on near insanity. A lot of my business plans are partly on hold and hover until we get some more clarification on this "colossal" disaster that is in the commissions lap. I started blogging today partly just so I could blog with other crafters from Etsy on Wednesday to protest and voice our frustration and get info out on this issue. Go check out my profile page at my Etsy store called GreenHoneyhive (I hope that name is cute and memorable and not just gross and disgusting sounding to people, We took a vote and the family voted on this one so for what is is worth here we go).........................Kim Cherrine Bell , William Bell, and Leira Cherrine-Bell

And yes we have three different last names in our house!......mine is legally Cherrine , never got round to changing it........One of my New Years resolutions to my hubby, not that he even cares one way or the other, but since I think I am going to keep him after 11 years of marriage (Ha ha just a joke) I am going to change it. I will blog tommorrow on why my daughter has a different name than either one of us . I am tired tonight so it is off to bed for me ...............Later! Peace and God bless you and yours.