Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gotta Love Netflix, love that movie

Can I just tell you I am not one for spending big bucks on entertainment,never have been! I love to just hang at home and being around my family, going to church, talking over the fence with the neighbors, that sort of thing.......But I must say Netflix is one of the BEST inexpensive entertainment options we have ever found....Grant it, it does not get you out of the house. And like all things, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!!!!!!(I would NOT recommend it if you have a true couch potatoe in your household) That said though, the watch instantly movies and series they have to offer is worth the subsription price each month.... Yes yes!! Red Box can be a good thing, but we have found it just does not work for us! Too many faddish and localized picks(we live in an area with lots of ethic diversity and they seem to cater in our area to one particular ethnic group)....And never any Sundance, Bollywood, Independent, PBS sponsored, Foreign(other than one race),Older, Avante Garde, or our favorite, British romantic type of films....All the ones we LOVE! Netflix has them all and many can be watched instantly. GO NETFLIX!! I watched one last night while I was sewing, that is now One of my all time favorites. Based on a true story, "GREENFINGERS" was beyond awesome! Okay I will get political and say this, It is no wonder this story never aired on Public Television in this country. With its message of REFORM, being a core and Key element of the state Prison system, instead of lock them up, make them better criminals, and then release them system we have in our lovely country. It is no wonder our "system" does not really want our public seeing these sorts of films.....AHH!!!! censorship in it underhanded form in this country makes me want to wax patriotic!!!!!! And of course with this story showing MURDERERS being reformed , instead of being put on death row, of course it would not be a good fit for our country.....Of course we would not be America without the death penalty, gee, might make someones head spin like a scene from a gruesome R rated movie or something(which we don't watch by the way).......Anyway my pick of the week for entertainment this week is "GREENFINGERS" the movie......Go get yourself some of its feel good, yummy, lovely, political statement, understated goodness!!!! Love Kim

My lovely lady

My sweet Young Lady is sick. No it's not the swine flu.She has walking pnuemonia. It really has knocked the wind out of her sails. And then William was home all day. He had Thursday off this week not his usual Wednesday. Being him, as it is, he was so full of spunk and zip and was cuttting one joke after another and since I am feeling a little bit better(not much mind you, but so far no hair loss, of course it is probably too early for that yet......Doc said it would be a slow improvement on the tired issue and the fog clearing from my head and could take up to six months to see any huge improvement) we were cutting jokes all day, playing off of one another, and poor young Miss.....She was coughing, hacking and gagging to everyone of our quips to beat the band........I finally had to call a time out and no more jokes......She was having a blast but the coughing was really getting out of hand. Never got to finish those cushions last night. I did not look at the amount of material and just started cutting them out. I figured Katherine had gotten enough...WROOOOONG!! there was only 6 yards and I am suppose to get five 25X25 finished cushions and two 30X50" sofa seat cushions out of that with the pattern having a 27" repeat and only going one direction. Are you kidding me????? There is no way on G-Ds green earth that going to happen. So I cut out the bottom cushions and call today to let her know and for her to go get more....I think she did not believe me that I could not get them at first. Math people, MATH? The store she got it from is no longer carrying anymore, so I am going to have to call her tomorrow since I was able to tract some down on the internet....Sometimes I THINK I would be better off doing simple easy crafts and just selling them at craft shows or something.......Anyway, I do love sewing for Katherine and others I have sewn for, but I wish they would consult me before buying materials....I know I have worked some miracles in the past, but it does not work like the fishes and loaves with Christ.......NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING!!!!! I am going to finish the cushions for the three matching white outdoor chairs and the rocker tonight and will post some finshed pictures after we deliver them on Saturday. Bye kim

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Made it through the pee dance

And did not spill a drop and the tech who did the ultrasound even made me wait almost an hour past my appointment time. I guess kegel excersises really do pay off!!! Now I get to sit and wait for the doctors office to call and give me the results(I am nervous as heck, okay hell)....I did not like the look on the techs face when they started checking my ovaries, thats for sure and for certain.......Oh well, I'll let you know when I know. I am up all night so I can finish a job for Kathryn at Home Again. It is copying some sofa cushions for one of her clients....Lovely piece of linen, just don't care for the horse motif, but to each his own....I'm sure in Weber county it probably fits right in..We are taking Leira to the Instacare tomorrow morning. We are really starting to get very worried. She was exposed to two girls at church whose brother has the swine flu. She has ran a fever for the second night now and she is developing a rather nasty cough. She has muscles aches today, I can tell, but refuses to admit it, as usual.........Why do people(cannot call her a child any more) who have Ausperger's never want to admit they are sick? I don't get it? I will let you know what the doc says tomorrow. She is coughing her head off up there now....I feel really bad for how lousy she feels. I am trying not to worry, but I am!!! More tomorrow, loves kim

Fasting, going for my ultrsound today

Have my ultrasound today so they can figure out what is going on with me........I don't like being poked and prodded at, but at least these tests are usually bearable. I just wish I did not have to think the entire time they are doing this one that dud or gal if you push too hard I just might explode and pee ALL over your nice table. And then I always think, I wonder just who has peed on this table?.......Oh the things that go through my head....If anyone else was in here with me I might just have to die of embarrassment.......My brain is scary sometimes.......Let you know later how it goes, but I won't be telling if I lose my bladder, Think I could blame it on old age if I do? After all I am only 42 not quite old enough to pull that one off I think.........Too bad!!! More later.....Got to go drink MORE water now.....Water , Water, eyeballs swimming in water already and not allowed to pee.......That doctor better not make me wait to long...Cause I am going to be doing the pee pee dance ALL morning.........Kim

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lord G_d Almighty, Not the Hair. Please NOT THE HAIR!!!!!!

Well UTAH and the federal goverment in all there wonderous glory(written tongue and cheek and with much anger as one can muster without bursting a bloodvessel) have finally gotten to me!!!!!!!I have been telling William ever since I have been married to him that UTAH has a personal, public plot to make sure someone can drive me straight to the front gates of the loonie bin and leave me there kicking and screaming to let me out of here(the culture here is NOT TEXAS by any stretch of the imagination). I have been struggling with my health for years and just when we think everything is going along swimmingly, I get the seatbelt of the car wrapped around my leg and ankle, end up doing a trampeze artist move out the door of my van and proceed to wretch my knee(beyond child birth pain, if you can believe it) and knock my self out on the concrete driveway, skirt over my head and my glorious Mormon undies(so attractive) flashing the entire neighborhood(if I could be any more glamorous I might just have to shot myself and put myself out of my own misery)...............ANYWHO that was back in October and I was laid up for months and I am just in the last few weeks able to walk for more than 5 minutes without my knee popping out of it's place and having THE KNEE PAIN FROM HELL!!! Of course I start putting on weight , I am thinking it is because I cannot get around and exercise(which is driving me loonie too) and then in the last 7 months no period, so I am thinking ..........Oh H%^$#LL now what!!! Then I start blowing up like I am really really pregnant......Then I start having trouble being able to sleep at all, then in the last months all I want to do is sleep..............I get some song and dance from my doctor that well maybe, just maybe it is your Thyroid......Check it along with all the other assorted blood work(oh and I forgot to mention when I wonked, yes Virginia, that is an official medical term, GO LOOK IT UP!!! wink wink, my head on the concrete during this escapade, that I knocked the "crystals" loose in my inner ear, Did you catch that lovely medical jargon too??????? and had to put up with the room spinning and almost passing out everytime I moved my head or got up, sat down, or laid down for months on end) For someone who has never touch an illicit drug in my life, I sure have gotten my fill of "crystal clear" persuation over the last few months with all the room spinning and almost passing out episodes. (try driving with that one, I literally became a prisoner in my own home!!!!)...Any way the first labs came back, well your thyriod is a little low, but no big whoop.......Okay so then a couple of months into this I go for my first gyny app. in 7 years!! I know I know, I am bad , but I have good reason(let me tell you when EVERY gyny who ever has examined you professes that you have the longest, narrowest who who, yes yes more medical jargon, they have EVER encountered in the history of their profession, and I am telling you a couple have been really OLD!!!!! And then after trying at least 5 different types of speculas and of course NONE of them EVER working, you really start to get a complex about the way G-D put you together......Then every time with ,EVERY SINGLE GYNY I HAVE EVER HAD!!! ,while they are face to face with places you have never even seen face to face, they ALWAYS have to comment on.........................Are you really sure you had a vaginal delivery with your child???????( are you freaking kidding me!!!!????? WT#@#@!!! I am pretty darn sure October 26, 1990 I was pushing something big , wiggily and crying out of my who who!!! HELLO!!!!).......I keep telling my husband he REALLY undervalues, my properties worth if YKWIM!!!! ..................................................ANYWAY, I go in and we mention the aforementioned thyriod again , so gyny decides to run MORE labs......Just call me the human pin cushion alright already!!!!!......Well now my lovely little thyriod has completely FAILED, and I am asked how long have I lived in Utah......Well when I give my answer I get!!!!!Oh well I knew by the way it failed.......You Have downwinder syndrome...................................I am freaking mad as hell!!!!!! What's next? are my arms going to fall off? Am a going to get some really aggressive form of cancer?? Now wonder the Huntsman cancer Center is located here.....They have all the guiny pigs the goverment could provide!!!! And then I get told the type of thyroid medicine I am going to have to take , most likely will cause significant hair loss..................And in some cases it does not come back!!!! CRAP!!!! I am already ugly looking enough, man, how much more do I have to endure!!!!?????? Seriously I must have been ONE vain B^%###$tch in the pre-exists to have all these WONDERFUL LESSONS bestowed on me!!!!! .................Thank G-d for cute wigs I guess , but really how much more can I take......I am one P.O.'d woman right now!!!!!! Okay where the @#$#%%^ is the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! Next torture I get to endure is a GYNY ultrasound and a D&C...........(in part ,cause this time NONE of the speculas will fit to reach my special who who parts...Can I BE ANY MORE BLESSED????!!!!!) ...........All I have to say is this.....For those woman who are getting special who who shrinking surgeries, maybe you better rethink yourself.........I mean what if it ends up too small, you might have to endure what I do!!!!! Vain little @$R$#....................Okay I promise no more ranting posts for a least a few days..............................................Unless my hair starts falling out in clumps!!!!!! Okay!!!!! Peace to all, but not our goverment, sorry dudes, right now I feel If you cannot understand that well go jump of a cliff!!!!!! Peace , kim B

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well How about that yesterday, Months ago

I am just now getting round to posting after months and months and well........Things have been a little crazy round here what with the economy slowing and all. We have had to work three times as hard for half the money and well I am sure we are not the only ones feeling the pinch. At least we still have a roof over our heads and the bills still seem to be getting paid on time, but there are NO I repeat NO extras. So I was going to tell last time how We all have last names. It really is quite simple really. I was married before and had to get divorced to protect myself and my daughter from a very violent and dangerous situation. I was only married a few weeks when I left and did not even know I was pregnant. Anyway I had my daughter, got the divorce final when she was about 2 (Texas will not let you get a divorce when you are pregnant and then he was trying to get extra grandparent rights for his mother, which drug the divorce out a long time) Anyway I live 4 years single and had to move to Utah during this time to protect my daughter from the other bad things we found out the ex was capable of (may any man with leanings such as that suffer in ever perpetual misery, this is where you truly do LEAN on the promises of God.)Utah was chooses because it had the highest airfare in the country to and from Texas......Don't laugh that is the truth. I did not know a soul here when I moved. I worked and lived in an apartment for a year and then sold my home in Texas and purchased a home here. Within months of moving into the house I stopped receiving any child support and of course no. the only reason why I found out the truth was through the friends my mother had made in the military who were keeping us informed of his every move. I will keep in brief and say he was asked to leave not so politely for supposedely getting caught doing things any righteous man would not be caught dead doing , and leave it at that (except to say it sure explained A LOT of his behavior in the marriage!!!!!) I met my husband through the ward I was in and within a few months we were married. Of course after several years of no child support even the state was begging my husband to go to court and get Leira adopted. So he did. When we were in court the federal judge (who was filling in that week for some other judge) took Leira into chambers and talked to her about getting adopted ...Things like did she love her DAD and did she want to be adopted and they must have had a pretty good chat, cause we sat there a good 20 minutes....We were then invited into chambers and he told us what they had chatted about....Seems Leira had made it quite clear that she had been going by Cherrine(my last name) at school and she still like that name but would not mind if she had both names....So he had whipped out the papers and changed all the places it gave as her new name being Bell and changed them to Cherrine-Bell. When we started to protest upon seeing the paper work we were informed that that is what Leira wanted and were we going to sit and argue with a federal judge (needless to say I am certainly not going to mess with or argue with a federal judge unless her really really peeved me off KWIM) So that is how we ended up a three surname household. Now I am FORCED to do at least as much geneology work as I can so no one way down the line has to sit and figure out who belongs to who and just what the story was with the three surnames!!!! Well I will post more tomorrow and start to get into US and not just old history.......Loves to all