Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well How about that yesterday, Months ago

I am just now getting round to posting after months and months and well........Things have been a little crazy round here what with the economy slowing and all. We have had to work three times as hard for half the money and well I am sure we are not the only ones feeling the pinch. At least we still have a roof over our heads and the bills still seem to be getting paid on time, but there are NO I repeat NO extras. So I was going to tell last time how We all have last names. It really is quite simple really. I was married before and had to get divorced to protect myself and my daughter from a very violent and dangerous situation. I was only married a few weeks when I left and did not even know I was pregnant. Anyway I had my daughter, got the divorce final when she was about 2 (Texas will not let you get a divorce when you are pregnant and then he was trying to get extra grandparent rights for his mother, which drug the divorce out a long time) Anyway I live 4 years single and had to move to Utah during this time to protect my daughter from the other bad things we found out the ex was capable of (may any man with leanings such as that suffer in ever perpetual misery, this is where you truly do LEAN on the promises of God.)Utah was chooses because it had the highest airfare in the country to and from Texas......Don't laugh that is the truth. I did not know a soul here when I moved. I worked and lived in an apartment for a year and then sold my home in Texas and purchased a home here. Within months of moving into the house I stopped receiving any child support and of course no. the only reason why I found out the truth was through the friends my mother had made in the military who were keeping us informed of his every move. I will keep in brief and say he was asked to leave not so politely for supposedely getting caught doing things any righteous man would not be caught dead doing , and leave it at that (except to say it sure explained A LOT of his behavior in the marriage!!!!!) I met my husband through the ward I was in and within a few months we were married. Of course after several years of no child support even the state was begging my husband to go to court and get Leira adopted. So he did. When we were in court the federal judge (who was filling in that week for some other judge) took Leira into chambers and talked to her about getting adopted ...Things like did she love her DAD and did she want to be adopted and they must have had a pretty good chat, cause we sat there a good 20 minutes....We were then invited into chambers and he told us what they had chatted about....Seems Leira had made it quite clear that she had been going by Cherrine(my last name) at school and she still like that name but would not mind if she had both names....So he had whipped out the papers and changed all the places it gave as her new name being Bell and changed them to Cherrine-Bell. When we started to protest upon seeing the paper work we were informed that that is what Leira wanted and were we going to sit and argue with a federal judge (needless to say I am certainly not going to mess with or argue with a federal judge unless her really really peeved me off KWIM) So that is how we ended up a three surname household. Now I am FORCED to do at least as much geneology work as I can so no one way down the line has to sit and figure out who belongs to who and just what the story was with the three surnames!!!! Well I will post more tomorrow and start to get into US and not just old history.......Loves to all