Saturday, August 29, 2009

Check back on Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

Anyone who currently shows as followers on my blog or signs up will receive a new member gift,(up to the first 100 members) to try to get this blog a rockin with our new direction of all creative love starting Monday. The item (handmade by me of course) will be on display on Mondays blog (Labor Day 2009). In order to receive your free gift all you have to do is:

1.put your pretty little picture up in my member/follower little
square to the side right hand side of my blog, linked to your e-
mail or blog(you know how to do this)

2. blog on your blog about this give away, link back to this blog(nothing fancy here just a one line mention is all really) or e-mail someone about this give away and be able to show me the e-mail.

3. e-mail me at or
with your full legal name and your home residence address with
zipcode. Also include the link to the mention of this give away on your blog or a copy of e-mail sent to, well ,anyone.

4.Leave a comment on this blog at least once a week for a minimum of two consecutive weeks.

5. BONUS: If you want to score more than one free gift get someone
else to also sign up as member and put in the e-mail you send me,
their name and your relationship(friend, mother, sis, father,whatever) no children under 13 for this free give away please and only one person per household address eligible for free gift or bonuses. In other words you must get someone that does not live in your household to sign up as a member of this blog in order to get additional free gifts...Hope that is clear. If not ask.

6. Maximum amount of free gifts per one person in household is 3 (three) Thank You.

 7.This offer is limited to those who live in the 48 contiguous United States only please.

8. And lastly this is limited to the first one hundred new
members,so hurry if you want your  sweet  free goodies!

Disclaimer, no value is inferred or implied. If offers of this kind are illegal in your state, city, county or district please disregard and do not participate...I will not be held responsible for any taxes, fees, or legal obligations attached to this gift. They are the recipients sole responsibilty.No guarantees or warranties implied...Any lossesor non receipt of gift does not hold this blog or its owner or Blogspot or its companies or owner legally liable.  Thank You

See you on Monday all my crafty fun loving friends!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well my swap partner finally got her apron. I was getting so stinking over excited about it. I did not post what I made since it was suppose to be a secret....So my swap partner was Betty aka Fudgie. Now let me tell you this swap for me was not easy to figure out what to send. Somehow I had misread the info that Shawnee had sent me and I thought it said that my swap partner DID NOT LIKE VINTAGE. All I could think is What? What's up with that? No way could I ask Fudgie to comfirm. It's suppose to be a secret swap right? So I rack my brain trying to think how I am going to do "I Love Lucy" with a modern spin. Oh, and to make things more of a challenge for myself I had already signed up for my six month pledge to refashion, not buy anything new and use only what I had. I knew my secret swapper was really jonesen for some "I Love Lucy" material on her apron, from her blog,but that was not going to happen....Sorry Fudgie. Oh! What to do? I watch a lot of "I Love Lucy" cd's from the library(Let me tell you, I had no idea how few of these I had actually ever watched as a child). Well after much back and forth and then hitting the unfinished white prom dress(that by the magic of the Salt Lake City clean up piles I had managed to snag in a clean box of unwanted half finished projects and scraps love, SCORE!!!) and seeing the Lucy episode with the Carmen Miranda song, sweet love I had my answer. So here it is in all it's upcycled, recycled "I Love Lucy" glory.

Well its modern, its flirty, as Fudgie says in a hoochie mama sort of way, and it screams Mamae Eu Quero. Si?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


After going back and reading these few blog entries, I admit I have been really really snarky this summer. REALLY SNARKY!!! Really folks do you blame me with all I have had to deal with? One very sick mother-in-law with near death Protozoic filled kidneys with kidney stones, daughter with pneumonia(and a bad case at that). Then my own thyroid failure(how come when something does not work on my body I always feel like a total failure in general. What's up with that? Maybe I need therapy? KWIM) and having to deal with not being able to figure out why I have no cycle, but am not going through menopause. And have a kidney infection on top of it all.....Then having the city come down on us like locust....It's been one heck of a summer, one of the most challenging of my life! So here on this blog I am now officially calling it fall and SUMMER IS DECLARED TO BE OVER. With this proclamation I also declare a new direction and change of attitude to commence immediately as well as a new posting schedule. Just an FYI....Mother-in-law is on the mend and should be back to work soon and most of my healthy problems are beginning to be resolved! SO with all of that said FALL IS HERE, A new post schedule and direction for this blog will begin on Monday and NO more Misses SNARKY, unless the city keeps messing with us, then the gloves come out! See you all on Monday with a NEW ATTITUDE!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



After much huffing and puffing and three years of the city acting like total goof heads. WE FINALLY ARE RUNNING THE BUSINESS COMPLETELY LEGALLY ACCORDING TO THE CITY!!!!!!!!! What pray tell took three and one half years? WELL THE lovely (heads up their backends) Salt Lake City Business permit office has literally been giving us the run around this WHOLE time trying to tell us we HAD no choice but to clandestinely call ourselves artists and ONLY sell through a broker or second party(wholesale only) or require us to have a ONE MILLION DOLLAR bond and PROVEABLE ONE MILLION DOLLARS in assets and equipment or they WOULD under NO CIRCUMSTANCES whatsoever allow us to be licensed to build any sort of furniture (even one of a kind)! We fought, we argued, we ranted and raved to no avail.....So we clandestinely call our selves artists, set up a business license through the state and city out of the house for arts and crafts, and continued doing what we have been doing, KNOWING full well we had been bullied, lied to, manipulated and drug through the mud so to speak......A few weeks ago the city comes in and starts coming down on all the artists in the building, the same ones they all gave the same song and dance to over the last 4 years. Telling us all we are NOT legal and that they are going to shut us down.....The unmitigated GALL of these people is just unreal! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HAD BEEN GIVEN THE SAME SONG AND DANCE OVER THE YEARS>>>>> Well guess what we found out. THE city cannot get the grant money for the extension of Gateway and the planning and federal funding(federal grant money in the form of block grants, federal main street improvement block grants, and general bonds) in place for the planned entertainment district(running from Gateway to 900 South from The freeway to Main Street) unless they can prove to the federal goverment that their numbers of ARTISTS and SMALL BUSINESS owners meets the goverment grant laid out formulas.....AND they are lacking BIG TIME!!!!! So all this CRAP and I am calling it CRAP (we call a spade a spade around here) that we have been hearing over the course of the last year and one half from all the city P.R. people and the feeds the media have been regurgitating to the public is nothing more that a BIG FAT COME ON(oh you know the ones...This city is SO artist friendly, we really really embrace the arts here and Salt Lake City really loves their artists. And the enviroment for artists here is SO VIBRANT AND WONDERFUL!!!!!< WHAT A LOAD OF HOCUS POCUS!!!!!) so they can get grant and federal dollars(What games people play for big bucks , just makes me sick!)..........So now the westside artists are being EMBRACED and WELCOMED into the world of legimate REAL business men and woman(SO we can later end up being kicked in the you know what, when they get their precious grant money, change the zoning to commercial,entertainment only and as usually we will go back to kicking artists in the "BLEEP" once we have our goverment cha-ching(pay day for the already rich in Salt Lake City).....I can lay bets and be rich beyond my wildest dreams that within 2 years of getting the grant money the City will see to it we are all back to clandestine status or run out of town on a rail!!!!! WATCH AND SEE IF I AM NOT RIGHT!!!! POLITICS, POLITICIAN and CITY PLANNERS CAN SOMETIMES BE GOOD, BUT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, THE STINK STARTS AT THE ARM PIT OF THE GOVERMENTS POCKETS>>>>>And the SMELL JUST GROWS FROM THERE!!!!!! ISN'T LIFE JUST A PEACH, WHEN YOU ARE JUST SMART ENOUGH TO REALLY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON........sometimes I really do wish I was an idiot, life would just be so much nicer, prettier and easier!!!!!!