Wednesday, August 26, 2009


After going back and reading these few blog entries, I admit I have been really really snarky this summer. REALLY SNARKY!!! Really folks do you blame me with all I have had to deal with? One very sick mother-in-law with near death Protozoic filled kidneys with kidney stones, daughter with pneumonia(and a bad case at that). Then my own thyroid failure(how come when something does not work on my body I always feel like a total failure in general. What's up with that? Maybe I need therapy? KWIM) and having to deal with not being able to figure out why I have no cycle, but am not going through menopause. And have a kidney infection on top of it all.....Then having the city come down on us like locust....It's been one heck of a summer, one of the most challenging of my life! So here on this blog I am now officially calling it fall and SUMMER IS DECLARED TO BE OVER. With this proclamation I also declare a new direction and change of attitude to commence immediately as well as a new posting schedule. Just an FYI....Mother-in-law is on the mend and should be back to work soon and most of my healthy problems are beginning to be resolved! SO with all of that said FALL IS HERE, A new post schedule and direction for this blog will begin on Monday and NO more Misses SNARKY, unless the city keeps messing with us, then the gloves come out! See you all on Monday with a NEW ATTITUDE!!!