Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well my swap partner finally got her apron. I was getting so stinking over excited about it. I did not post what I made since it was suppose to be a secret....So my swap partner was Betty aka Fudgie. Now let me tell you this swap for me was not easy to figure out what to send. Somehow I had misread the info that Shawnee had sent me and I thought it said that my swap partner DID NOT LIKE VINTAGE. All I could think is What? What's up with that? No way could I ask Fudgie to comfirm. It's suppose to be a secret swap right? So I rack my brain trying to think how I am going to do "I Love Lucy" with a modern spin. Oh, and to make things more of a challenge for myself I had already signed up for my six month pledge to refashion, not buy anything new and use only what I had. I knew my secret swapper was really jonesen for some "I Love Lucy" material on her apron, from her blog,but that was not going to happen....Sorry Fudgie. Oh! What to do? I watch a lot of "I Love Lucy" cd's from the library(Let me tell you, I had no idea how few of these I had actually ever watched as a child). Well after much back and forth and then hitting the unfinished white prom dress(that by the magic of the Salt Lake City clean up piles I had managed to snag in a clean box of unwanted half finished projects and scraps love, SCORE!!!) and seeing the Lucy episode with the Carmen Miranda song, sweet love I had my answer. So here it is in all it's upcycled, recycled "I Love Lucy" glory.

Well its modern, its flirty, as Fudgie says in a hoochie mama sort of way, and it screams Mamae Eu Quero. Si?