Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gotta Love Netflix, love that movie

Can I just tell you I am not one for spending big bucks on entertainment,never have been! I love to just hang at home and being around my family, going to church, talking over the fence with the neighbors, that sort of thing.......But I must say Netflix is one of the BEST inexpensive entertainment options we have ever found....Grant it, it does not get you out of the house. And like all things, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!!!!!!(I would NOT recommend it if you have a true couch potatoe in your household) That said though, the watch instantly movies and series they have to offer is worth the subsription price each month.... Yes yes!! Red Box can be a good thing, but we have found it just does not work for us! Too many faddish and localized picks(we live in an area with lots of ethic diversity and they seem to cater in our area to one particular ethnic group)....And never any Sundance, Bollywood, Independent, PBS sponsored, Foreign(other than one race),Older, Avante Garde, or our favorite, British romantic type of films....All the ones we LOVE! Netflix has them all and many can be watched instantly. GO NETFLIX!! I watched one last night while I was sewing, that is now One of my all time favorites. Based on a true story, "GREENFINGERS" was beyond awesome! Okay I will get political and say this, It is no wonder this story never aired on Public Television in this country. With its message of REFORM, being a core and Key element of the state Prison system, instead of lock them up, make them better criminals, and then release them system we have in our lovely country. It is no wonder our "system" does not really want our public seeing these sorts of films.....AHH!!!! censorship in it underhanded form in this country makes me want to wax patriotic!!!!!! And of course with this story showing MURDERERS being reformed , instead of being put on death row, of course it would not be a good fit for our country.....Of course we would not be America without the death penalty, gee, might make someones head spin like a scene from a gruesome R rated movie or something(which we don't watch by the way).......Anyway my pick of the week for entertainment this week is "GREENFINGERS" the movie......Go get yourself some of its feel good, yummy, lovely, political statement, understated goodness!!!! Love Kim