Thursday, June 18, 2009

My lovely lady

My sweet Young Lady is sick. No it's not the swine flu.She has walking pnuemonia. It really has knocked the wind out of her sails. And then William was home all day. He had Thursday off this week not his usual Wednesday. Being him, as it is, he was so full of spunk and zip and was cuttting one joke after another and since I am feeling a little bit better(not much mind you, but so far no hair loss, of course it is probably too early for that yet......Doc said it would be a slow improvement on the tired issue and the fog clearing from my head and could take up to six months to see any huge improvement) we were cutting jokes all day, playing off of one another, and poor young Miss.....She was coughing, hacking and gagging to everyone of our quips to beat the band........I finally had to call a time out and no more jokes......She was having a blast but the coughing was really getting out of hand. Never got to finish those cushions last night. I did not look at the amount of material and just started cutting them out. I figured Katherine had gotten enough...WROOOOONG!! there was only 6 yards and I am suppose to get five 25X25 finished cushions and two 30X50" sofa seat cushions out of that with the pattern having a 27" repeat and only going one direction. Are you kidding me????? There is no way on G-Ds green earth that going to happen. So I cut out the bottom cushions and call today to let her know and for her to go get more....I think she did not believe me that I could not get them at first. Math people, MATH? The store she got it from is no longer carrying anymore, so I am going to have to call her tomorrow since I was able to tract some down on the internet....Sometimes I THINK I would be better off doing simple easy crafts and just selling them at craft shows or something.......Anyway, I do love sewing for Katherine and others I have sewn for, but I wish they would consult me before buying materials....I know I have worked some miracles in the past, but it does not work like the fishes and loaves with Christ.......NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING!!!!! I am going to finish the cushions for the three matching white outdoor chairs and the rocker tonight and will post some finshed pictures after we deliver them on Saturday. Bye kim