Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Made it through the pee dance

And did not spill a drop and the tech who did the ultrasound even made me wait almost an hour past my appointment time. I guess kegel excersises really do pay off!!! Now I get to sit and wait for the doctors office to call and give me the results(I am nervous as heck, okay hell)....I did not like the look on the techs face when they started checking my ovaries, thats for sure and for certain.......Oh well, I'll let you know when I know. I am up all night so I can finish a job for Kathryn at Home Again. It is copying some sofa cushions for one of her clients....Lovely piece of linen, just don't care for the horse motif, but to each his own....I'm sure in Weber county it probably fits right in..We are taking Leira to the Instacare tomorrow morning. We are really starting to get very worried. She was exposed to two girls at church whose brother has the swine flu. She has ran a fever for the second night now and she is developing a rather nasty cough. She has muscles aches today, I can tell, but refuses to admit it, as usual.........Why do people(cannot call her a child any more) who have Ausperger's never want to admit they are sick? I don't get it? I will let you know what the doc says tomorrow. She is coughing her head off up there now....I feel really bad for how lousy she feels. I am trying not to worry, but I am!!! More tomorrow, loves kim