Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fasting, going for my ultrsound today

Have my ultrasound today so they can figure out what is going on with me........I don't like being poked and prodded at, but at least these tests are usually bearable. I just wish I did not have to think the entire time they are doing this one that dud or gal if you push too hard I just might explode and pee ALL over your nice table. And then I always think, I wonder just who has peed on this table?.......Oh the things that go through my head....If anyone else was in here with me I might just have to die of embarrassment.......My brain is scary sometimes.......Let you know later how it goes, but I won't be telling if I lose my bladder, Think I could blame it on old age if I do? After all I am only 42 not quite old enough to pull that one off I think.........Too bad!!! More later.....Got to go drink MORE water now.....Water , Water, eyeballs swimming in water already and not allowed to pee.......That doctor better not make me wait to long...Cause I am going to be doing the pee pee dance ALL morning.........Kim