Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Announcing the New Posting Schedule

Here is a posting of our new blogs , new direction. We hope very much that you will enjoy this blog and at any time please feel free to leave your comments or e-mail us with suggestions of things you would like to see or would enjoy having here on this blog.We want you to be "part of the family" here at Greenhoneyhive.

So the New Posting Schedule is...Drum roll please!:

Mondays will be All Giveaway announcements, along with the current till we reach 100 new members give away, we will also be having at least monthly and if we grow to 100 or more at least once every 2 weeks...We shall see how we grow....Give aways could include, sewing supplies, craft kits, hand made goods we create or even vintage goodies we find. And let me tell you sometimes we find some really good goodies. So spread the word cause the more people we have here the more giveaways we will be doing.

Tuesdays is going to be Tutorial Tuesday with instructions on some type of sewing or another, a craft project or even some wood working......We do lots of different things ,so hope to keep you hopping, with lots of great ideas.

Wednesday is Wacky Day and is our choice. You won't know what you may get. Could be pictures of what we have created this week. Links to other great ideas, recipes we love, secret fast track give aways, Ideas for saving money and frugal living.......We want to keep you quessing and on your toes and maybe even thinking outside the box.

Thursday will be Vintage Thingy Thursday as sponsored  by Colorado Lady.....We will post either our personal vintage thingys or Vintage Thingys that we have found this week that will be available to purchase on Etsy or Locally at either Home Again  in Midvale, Utah  or Home Again in Salt Lake City, Utah or at EmilyJaynes in Salt Lake City, Utah........We will also link to Colorado Ladys website so you can see all the Vintage Thingy Love.

Friday is personal reflections day. You will get to see a glimpse of our more personal side with things we make for our selves like personal sewing projects (we may even get some sew alongs going if some of you are interested or even some lovely swaps), projects around our house, photos of things we love and places we go....We are not the most exciting people you will ever know but I can bet we may just be some of the most unusual in a good sort of way of course...Just think Semi farm girl style flavor and interests.

Saturday will have a local flair with things that you can do locally in that following week. Think gallery strolls, art museums, music venue concerts and other fun stuff for adults and kids alike... 

Sunday is the Lords Day for us and a day of rest so we will post a favorite inspirational thought or scripture and bless you to have a wonderful Day of rest.