Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Hi ladies. Welcome to our blog. We are just really getting started and this is our first Vintage Thingie Thursday post. Just an FYI , Vintage Thingie Thursday is sponsored by Colorado lady at  We will also be doing Thrifty Thursday over at .....Since our family business IS finding and selling Vintage Thingies and taking old pieces and parts of old furniture and making it into new items, we think Vintage Thingies and Thrifty Thursday are perfect fits for our blog....So let the Vintage fun begin. This weeks finds come directly from the things we have found in the Salt Lake City, Utah annual curbside trash pick-up program.(yes we are part time curbside gleaners and crawlers) This week the pick-up area is downtown lower east side......Leave us a comment on which set of vintage transfer pattern sets you would most like to see as a blog give away here and on Monday we will post the most popular set to be given away.....Remember you must be signed up as a member of this blog to be eligible for the give away. And right now if you sign up to be a member of this blog and send us an e-mail with your physical address, we will send you a free new member gift (up to the first 100 hundred members).So here are our some of our smaller finds for the week.
These patterns will be put to good use personally
And this little cutey is going up on Etsy. The scraps of material will be used for childrens clothing and the Christmas fabric will be used as accents for an apron swap that is going on at Farm Girl Connection sponsored by Mary Jane Butters website.
Please remember to put your cute little photo in the members section to the right of the post if you want to get in on the give away starting Monday or just to get your free new member gift. And let me know in comments which transfer pattern you would love to see given away! Loves Kim and crew