Tuesday, September 15, 2009


First let us say a warm and hearty welcome to all the new members of this blog, we have grown by 14 members in one week... Howdy and don't be shy! We love participation and comments..Lots and lots of comments.YAH!!! The more members we have, the more fun we will have.

Well it seems that the favorite vintage embroidery pattern  from last weeks September 9th post featuring Vintage Thingie Thursday was the rooster pattern. So this weeks give away will be the vintage rooster pattern, towels to embroider on(one for each day of the week) and a starting sampler of embroidery floss to get you started on your embroidery project. This package will also include a package of dehydrator dried hand made apple slices from last weeks post on gleaning. These apple chips are from the gleaned green apples we were able to harvest and are YUUMMY beyond anything you can buy in the store. So if you are a member of this blog by Saturday at midnight west coast time your in for the drawing, which will have one lucky winner.We will put all blog members names in Random.org list and let her roll to get a winner. So be kind and let others know and if you follow this blog but are not a member, don't be shy we don't bite. Come and sign up to be a member today. And if we keep growing like we have this week, most likely we will have a give away every week.  

Also all members of this blog , up to the first one hundred members can receive a free gift if they want it. The only thing we need is a physical address for you if you live in the 48 contiguous states. We have only had a few members e-mail us their addresses so those of you who have not, if you want your free new member gift please send us an e-mail with those names and addresses(mrspinsneedles@q.com or greenhoneyhive@gmail.com)
...And please remember only one gift per household, unless you blog about us and can confirm that you helped others to sign up for this blog, then I will send additional gifts, for each member you have referred(up to three gifts).  Thank you members. We will try our best to keep up and keep giving you fun things to look at from our lives and challenge you with ideas and projects.

Welcome All Again, we are glad you came to join us!