Monday, September 14, 2009


Here is sampling of just some of the items we found in the SLC,Utah large curbside trash pickup this weekend. The area this week is south of Sugarhouse between 1300 East and about 1900 East 800 South to 1300 South. This sewing machine case will be repaired , painted, glazed and turned into a fine desk.

This door will become part of a hall tree, door sofa, kitchen island or some such goodie. The hardware will be used in some project. They just don't make them like this any more. Just look at all the details on that door knob and plate. And the other side has the same.
This side table book shelf will be taken apart, put back together and repaired. A top will be added, then it will be painted and glazed. I always just love these. Cute, petite, but very useful. These are great to move about when changing decor because they can fit almost anywhere.
This ugly little box will be transformed with mod podge and Christmas images to make a gift box or trunk. Would you just love to get a gift presented in something like that. A two for one. Love those.
And here is what we worked on this week and delivered to the Home Again stores located in Midvale, Utah and SLC, Utah (Sugarhouse area).
This solid oak table was sitting in pieces along side the road in Salt Lake city trash pick up this week.The top was too far gone to cost effectively restore it properly. So we fixed what we could and then did a Swedish painting and glazing techinque on the top in a blue tone and left the bottom its original color with a new coat of stain and a finish coat to protect. This one, I was tempted to keep, but I just recently upgrade my dining room table to a much old and more valuable antique. No leaves in this one. Never had them. Could you see this in a kitchen or breakfast room?

This washstand was found in the trash last week too. It had had its little legs chewed at by someones little doggy. So we said , "Oh, please hop up on our old beat up truck and come home with us and we will fix you right up." We reshaped the legs to get rid of the doggies naughty deed, painted and glazed her. Mrs. Washstand says she is feeling right chipper again. She said thanks. We said no problem. And now she too, is looking for a good new home.
This side table is frankly just a bit confused. I am afraid my hubby has been playing at being Dr. Frankenstein again, taking pieces and parts from old furniture and combining them together. I am not sure the furniture minds much since they are getting new life. I however keep telling him he must only stick to furniture. Otherwise people might get wrong ideas. This little monster is also up for a good adoption.
This freestanding cabinet(from construction at least 100 yrs old) mostly likely used as a clothes cupboard , was found along side the road too. It also hopped on the truck and hubby repaired the trim work, painted and glazed inside and out. Now she is ready for a new home too. I think this one would be great in a sewing or craft room just loaded with fabric or supplies. The thought of that just makes my heart sing.
These two were in pieces, crying on the side of the road. Well how could we, pray tell, leave two weeping babies? So they also got a ride on the truck and a beauty treatment when they got home. Now they are out painting the town together, looking for new homes.
This motley assortment is now hanging out at Home Again in SLC, Utah after being halled in, off the side of the road, where they were hanging out in a gang who had taken over the streets of SLC. Once rounded up, given the riot act, booked, jailed and placed to corrections, they are now ready to become good working citizens in the community once again. They just need to find willing sponsors to put them to work. 
Here is a closer look at one of the motely crew. He is decked out in vintage 1968 retro cool tiles. With a fresh new look in a new paint job.
And last but certainly not least here is the hardworker out of the bunch from that motely crew, sporting new paint and silver leg tips. He has come a LONG way from the brown and gold gang colors he was sporting originally. What do you think? Do hubby , Leira and I make a good corrections officer and adoption agency crew or what?
Happy junking ALL!
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