Saturday, September 12, 2009


Over at the blog luvinthemommyhood she has a questionaire going. I thought since we were getting to "know" one another on this new blog that I would "give it whirl" KWIM. So from her questionaire here's a little, about little old me.....For your FYI this one is about Kim, since this is a family blog. Just so you know. William will have one up on Tuesday about himself . And we will have to see if Big Miss wants to  participate or not?....Big Miss (Leira) can be a little shy at times. Maybe we can coax her out of the coat closet(shhhhh! no ones suppose to know she still likes to read in there....Keep it quiet okay?)

Making : Several new tutorials for my blog, more aprons and upholstering a bench seat
Cooking :Seasonal: lots corn, zucchini in EVERYTHING LOL! and green beans, green apples coming out my eyeballs.

Drinking : Water as always.

Reading:  Kitchen Junk(book), The Bluebird and the Sparrow

Wanting: More Time and my sewing room put back together again.

Looking: At my junked up sewing room. We are in the middle of make-over here.What a mess!

Playing: Going to Utah State Fair this week.

Wasting: Too much time trying to figure out new cameras(look I'm old school, give me nothing automatic and real film. I know. I know. Get out of the dark ages all ready , right!)

Sewing: new aprons for the shop, new member blog give away pouches and a suit for church for me for a change.

Wishing: I was young and could still go 4 days straight with no sleep.

Enjoying: The weather being a little bit cooler.

Waiting: fall

Liking: The new cabinet we found for FREE for the sewing room make-over, (after I had spent over two years looking and finding nothing and giving up and buying two Ikea Hemnes yellow glass front cabinets for $500.00 plus tax, only to have my husband open one of the boxes and then promptly have the studio/art space neighbor, a very talented, but somewhat cranky woodworking artist offer up an old oak table for money and this lovely OLD glass door legal office bookcase for free....Hubby promptly said yes and we immediately returned the boxes back to IKEA. Needless to say my hubby was none too pleased with the back and forth from Ikea when, as he put it, "See, see, see, maybe if you had just a little more patience you could have saved me a couple of trips" Patience?, after two years he has to be JOKING , right? Let's just say to KNOW HIM is to LOVE him!!! LOL!!

Wondering:When I am going to make time to get stuff posted on Etsy this week.

Loving: That my husband is off work from his desk job for three weeks.

Hoping:That he does not wear me out too badly with all the things he wants to get done in the next few weeks.

Marvelling: That with all the time I have spent on the computer and learning to work our camera, that DH has not lost his cool yet.

Needing: To do more canning, get some more paperwork done (when you run a business and do your own bookkeeping it is never ending)

Smelling: new shipment of lavender I just recieved

Wearing: shirt and skirt

Following: blogs only, not watched TV in this house in almost a year.

Noticing:That the leaves seem to be changing color faster this year by at least two weeks.

Knowing: That my husband and daughter love me very much.

Thinking: I wonder if, with this level of togetherness over the next three weeks, who will want to "kill" who first? Maybe "kill" is too harsh, but you get my drift....We don't actually fight but we are both very stubborn at times and very open about how we feel...Things can get terse every once in a while.

Bookmarking:More creative websites

Opening: Boxes of fabric I have had stored for literally years.

Giggling:Over the fact that my DH had a hard time sleeping last night because he is over excited about having three weeks IN A ROW off......He is an adult, REALLY, I SWEAR! LOL!

Feeling: like I am really just starting to make up for lost time from when I was sick. 

Well that is two posts in one day. Are you feeling the love? Come share if you have a blog and let me know in comments if you copy and fill out your own question and answer session. I would love to get to know my Blog members a little better. Give me your blog addresses if you post one of these so I can get to know you better.      Kim