Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Apples/ Thoughts for September 11th

Did you know that if you hunt around you may be able to find FREE FOOD. Yes that's right! If your willing to put in a little elbow grease, some time, and are not afraid to ask people, you too may be able to find FREE FOOD. Its a little thing that's been around since biblical times called gleaning and its making a come back in some parts of the country. We are a country of so much, that we many times  let food literally rot on the tree or in the field. How sad is that?  If I gave you some ideas would you glean? Well I am going to whether you said yes or no. Here goes: First there is a website that has started in California. At first it was just a local concept with a couple of young ladies in San Fransisco. They decided that they were tired of paying high prices for ALL their groceries when they drove , or cycled by trees all the time where the food was literal rotting and going to waste.Here is that site: . You can go and look up trees in your area that are on private land that owners list that you can glean from or on public land that you can glean legally from.(Did you know that in most areas of the country park strips are considered public property and the trees planted there are legal to glean from? I did not either until recently. Of course check the laws in your area first before you do any public land gleaning, but in most places it is perfectly legal) Most listings on this site are currently in California, but the site is expanding and growing monthly and many new states are starting to get listings posted. That is exciting and not just for the gleaners. Did you know that if you have trees or a garden that you have excess produce from, you can list them on this site? Well you can. You could be the first in your state to post and start spreading the joy of sharing and the frugalness of not wasting. A principle that our country was PROUDLY founded on! We gleaned from a public tree on a park strip this week here in Salt Lake City. Want to see what we got:
Yes we gleaned a whole bushel of apples off of one tree and could not even get them all. This is just a small portion of them. They are some of the nicest tasting green apples we have ever eaten. Not too tart, not too sweet, just right......I will show you later what we did with some of the apples. So I challenge you to check out the website and either go find something to glean or spead the love and find a tree or garden to list that people can glean from...Gleaning is a worthy and righteous concept dating back to biblical times. And on this day in our American History could we all do more to help our neighbors and truly use ALL the blessing G_d has put to our use. If we utilized all the waste in our great country I truly believe none would go without that are willing to put forth an effort. It would free up resources to help those few among us that cannot help themselves. Think what you can do today to help a neighor or even a stranger and reach out......America is only as strong as its weakest members.
We love, love, love commments so leave us with your ideas of what you can do to honor September 11th and help strengthen America and Americans. G-d Bless and Be "GOOD NEIGHBORS".