Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am so sorry blog members. We will not be posting anything else this week. We have a major, major problem on our hands here that must be addressed. Seems although Salt Lake City building department and Salt Lake City business inspection department believe our building is up to code and more than exceptable to do business in. One Salt Lake City fire department has decided to take it upon them selves to condenm our building right out from underneath us and the other 16 artists in the building. We have 30 days to vacate, however since our lease was up the end of this month, we have been told we have less than 10 days to move and relocate. So our entire winters inventory as well as next springs must be moved, PRONTO! We Thank G-d above we were able to find a lease in South Salt Lake very very quickly so that we can be back up and operational in a few short weeks....I think we actually must have had an angel watching over us as this all falls during my husbands vacation. It certainly is NOT the way we wished to spend my husbands precious vacation time. However we are greatful we did not go on the three week road trip we were going to go on. As we would have come back to being locked out of the building with all of our inventory and tools gone with NO legal recourse. Please know I must have this time to get business back up and running and we will be back next week with our full posting schedule. Also as a plus for those of you who live locally, our new space has a clean and lovely little office that is going to be set up as a sewing studio and we will soon be able to offer sewing classes and some sewing bees for those who are interested, living locally. Please pray all goes well and no one is injured or suffer too much in the moving process. We love and miss you and will see you next week.

Kim and crew


Molly said...

Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about this difficult situation. If you need to eliminate the Farmgirl Connection Christmas Apron Swap from your busy schedule now I'll completely understand. Let me know, ok? Best of luck to you with this big transition. Molly

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

So sorry to hear about your problems. Hopefully, in time, this will be a blessing. Good luck and be careful.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

OH!No! I hope it all gets worked out! Just thought I would stop by and say Thank you for being a follower of Tales from Bloggeritaville.Have a wonderful weekend!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Maureen said...

All things happen for a reason and I'm sure you will be happier in your new place. Would love to see some pics.

Good luck!