Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well If you are wondering about the crazy music selection on this blog.............................Cake!!! Cake???Cake!!!

     Here it is folks! Young Miss is on the "Chuck" television show countdown! We don't watch much TV in this house. In fact we don't and have not had the TV hooked up to watch since the goverment big wigs decided we should all go digital....We don't have a converter box.......We watch the few shows we do watch on the computer. Yes folks the little laptop 14" screen is our only working "boob tube" in the house.  And for us "oldies" the volume on these little laptops not so hot. Anyway. So TV in our house ,Not So Much......But don't stand between Young Miss and her obsession for "Chuck".

      Is it the every so slight bent toward geekdom in Chuck himself? Is it the kind heart of the Chuck character? Is it the Chuck workplace with all the loveable geeky dorkdom? Or is it the "Nerd Herd" form of uber cool transport that sends her heart racing? Who knows? Shes not telling! But the countdown has been going on for 6 weeks plus now. And we are down to 5  days and counting......Ssshhh. Don't tell Young Miss. We've been counting too!!!! Let the "Chuck" fest begin baby!!!!


NadineC said...

Uhhhh...Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket is one of my favorites! We should all be what the composite of ourselves and our family are :-) LOVE Cake! And I'm loving your blog, too :-)

Natalie said...

I looooove Chuck!! I love his geekiness with heart, and a dash of coolness thrown in. My post that he was back is my last post on my blog! :D

I found you through your Sewmamasew forum post about sewing circles in SLC. I have wished for one of these! I am super interested. Are you still planning on doing one? I do have a chronic illness, so could probably only commit to 1x/month, and nights would be much easier for me. If any of that works, I'd love to hear from you! (You can click through to my blog, or my email address should be linked to my google account.)