Friday, December 18, 2009

Tutorial: Linen Vintage Look Bell Pull

This bell pull is any easy beginner level project. It takes no more than 45 minutes to 1 hr tops to complete a pair of these. They look great displayed on double front doors, one on each. They also look great on either side of a mantel or just on each door of your home....The linen look it just perfect for a modern classic look.
These cost me about $4.00 a set to make. My Supplies were purchased at Wal-mart. May run a little more if purchased else where.

Disclaimer here: I am not  now, or ever was a hand model . These are just poor ole working girl hands. So just get use to it!

So here we go:        To make a set of two You will need :2 1/2 yds of Red trim Burlap Upholstery

                                                                                       webbing (used in upholstery to weave under the
                                                                                            chair to hold seats and backing in place)
                                                                                         Red grosgrain 1/2" wide ribbon about 8 yds

                                                                                         Jingle bells : 20   that are 1 1/4" diameter
                                                                                          or 40 that are 1/2"  diameter

                                                                                             matching beige thread

This is what your material will look like.     

Now to start sewing:

Turn one end of your material down 1/2" and stitch close as you can to the folded edge.
Once you've done that turn the fabric to the wrong side with the center slit area matching the center of the material from side to side to form a V shape at the bottom edge of the bell pull. Pin as shown. Stitch across the straight edge. (some people will say that you should do a true miter instead, but it does not work as well. This method keeps seam bulge from showing to the front and also keeps you from having to trim too close which with this type of material will cause fraveling that might be fatal to this project) This method I am showing you also gives the piece the weight it needs on the end to hang straight otherwise it might twist when hanging.

                                                               right side after sewing straight  across.
Now measure from tip end out to 38" and cut other end straight.

Fold the cut end 1/2" to back side and stitch as close to folded edge as you can across.

Once that is done. measure out a 2" long loop of grosgrain (so 4" total)

Pin and
 stitch to back side in the middle where you had stitched before. Flip work to front side and bend grosgrain ribbon over the edge and stitch one more time. You will be able to see what I mean in the next photo.

Then fold to back side 1 1/2" to form a pocket and stitch to where the loop will be hanging facing up so you can hang your pull.

Now measure the miter  type end up 2 1/4" from tip of V and mark with chalk.This will be the placement for the first bell or bellls.

Then you will proceed to mark bell placement with chalk working to the top with each being 3" apart .

Take a workable length of grosgrain and cut into a v the end so it will go through a large eye needle easily.

Double over thread. (Big Tip: make sure your needle is not so big it won't go through the back end of the bells.. Don't usually have to worry about this with the larger size bell, but you might with the smaller ones.)

Run thread from back to front and leave about a 4" tail to back.

Just like that.

Now thread one large or two small bells on needle and thread and pull them down to the fabric.,

Run needle through front to back of work, making the bells snug to the front. Leave another end with at least 4" and cut. You will then tie off in a double knot to the back of the work. Remember to hold a knot well it is Right over left and then left over right.  Repeat the process for each chalk mark until you have 10 placements down the front. Repeat for the second pull same as the first. Or make many sets as I did and do all the steps assembly line style. Goes much faster that way!

And no my door is NOT dirty. It has a linen look glazing technique on it.

Hang and enjoy, by using loop in back and a nail, or those commando hooks that don't marr walls. Or make a decorative hanger or dowel to run through the top pocket and hang. I love these. They are classy, easy and inexpensive. What could be better. If something is not clear or you have questions or comments please feel free. We love comments. Makes us feel loved!


A Touch of Country said...

great idea! I love the furniture webbing that you used. I have always loved it and never knew what to do with it and now I do thanks to you!

Merry Christmas!


casserole said...

Cool idea, and very festive!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Anonymous said...

I've made 3 of the linen bell pulls so far and for some unknown reason I cannot get them to hang straight! I've followed your instructions carefully and am at a complete loss as what to do next...I need to make 13 of them by Xmas '11....HELP

Anonymous said...

Gracious--the comments are from 2011 and earlier. I came across your site while looking at "All Free Sewing" this morning. Your bell pull is lovely--always thought there must be something neat to do with that upholstery webbing! Thank you so much for posting your project step-by-step. Your hands looked familiar to me--they look just like mine, which have also handled hard work and many years! -Cissy