Friday, September 4, 2009

We had some scheduling issues..New blog up and running monday

We have had a one week delay because of trying to get everyone in the households new fall schedules going. Our new blog and posting schedule will begin on Monday, yes Labor Day...The give away is still the same except I will being giving away the new member give away that we will post pictures of on Monday until we have reached 100 members no matter how long that takes......I still have not gotten physical address from most of you who have signed up as new members. That e-mail adress is make sure to e-mail me your adresses if you want your new member gift......We apologize for the delay, but are sure you will be pleased; with all we have in store for you when we see you on Monday. Please check back then and have a Happy Labor Day!!!!!! Please keep sending your friends here, we just know they are going to LOVE all the free tutorials, patterns,DIY projects and more free giveaways we have planned. If you love sewing of any kind, DIY projects, green projects, free patterns and free tutorials as well as tips on living on a shoestring, but not looking like you do then this is going to be the blog for you. Again that e-mail address you must send your physical address to in order to get your free new member gift is or use the link for e-mail on this blog..Thank you and see you all Monday for sure and for certain....Love Kim